Mastercard introduced consumption brush face recognition

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Famous card issuer mastercard recently announced that it will launch by face recognition and fingerprint identification method to determine the user’s identity and the consumption of payment services. It is understood that the company will take the lead in European countries began to provide the mobile payment service, the main purpose is to facilitate users in online shopping faster to verify the identity of the user.

Mastercard, this service will be the first launch in Europe, the user can through fingerprint and face recognition and other biometric authentication way to simplify the online shopping process, determine the user’s identity. It is reported, the service will be the first debut 12 European countries, including Britain, Austria, Belgium, the Czech republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. While in European countries after the test, will also appear in the United States and Canada market. At the same time, after 2017 years, the technology and services will start promotion in batches of all over the world.

Mastercard to launch the service, do not need the cardholder password when mobile payment, can significantly speed up the payment at the same time, improve security at the same time. In addition, if the cardholder have to pay the facial recognition problems, you can also through the smartphone fingerprint and face recognition to verify.

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