LG’s first release Win10 refrigerator

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After the mobile intelligent household appliances is also began to smart iot era, and Microsoft is the concept of persistent driving force.

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At the IFA conference, Microsoft Internet of things, one of the partners of LG launched the world’s first Windows 10 refrigerators.

This a beautiful design of double door refrigerator, looks the most conspicuous place is positive, the domineering 21.5 -inch touch screen, run a standard Windows 10 style interface, all the more amazing is that when a user double-click on the screen, the screen will turn into a translucent, is able to see the refrigerator food is very convenient.

With pre-installed Windows 10 system of refrigerator is also becoming more intelligent, by Cortana assistant can implement voice control, can play Groove music, even shopping. But also for the fridge LG has developed a unique application, can help users to set recipe to remind, or mark each type of storing food.

As planned, LG’s Windows 10 refrigerator will be early next year at the end of this year the first listed in the United States, the specific time and cost are not clear.

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