Hermes to apple table design new strap

Posted On Nov 25 2016 by

IPhone innovation fatigue, this year to Apple put idea on the strap on the Watch design. At Thanksgiving, the most recent famous luxury brand hermes Thanksgiving special limited is composed by the Apple Watch strap – Equator Tatoutage, valued at $442, is expected to hermes store selling all over the world. Hermes is currently the only cooperate with Apple production Watch strap of the luxury brand, at present, there are Double Buckle, Cuff, Single Tour Deployment Buckle, Single and Double Tour Tour four, and the designed by Robert Dallet Equator Tatoutage is in the simple model of Single Tour with …

Apple ‘s new Products Beats Solo3

Posted On Nov 10 2016 by

Just for today, apple has released a new version (PRODUCT) RED Beats Pill + speakers and Beats Solo3 wireless headset. In terms of price Beats Solo3 wireless headphones for $299.95, Beats Pill + speaker costs $229.95. Notice also that the apple has been the (PRODUCT) RED charity partner, and launched a lot of RED PRODUCT, its revenue will be used in the global HIV/AIDS and HIV research education.

Samsung launched its new tablet: equipped with a stylus

Posted On Oct 26 2016 by

Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, at the same time equipped with S Pen stylus, sells for $349.99, will be held on October 28, listed in the United States. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 A tablet equipped with A 10.1 inch TFT screen, 1920 x 1200 resolution, have anti glare function and blue filters, the fuselage size of 10 x6. 46 x0. 32 inches and weighs 1.22 pounds and provide black and white two colors to choose. Hardware configuration, the tablet Exynos carrying 7870 processors, with 3 gb memory fuselage + 16 gb storage, the largest support 256 gb SD …

Mastercard introduced consumption brush face recognition

Posted On Oct 8 2016 by

Famous card issuer mastercard recently announced that it will launch by face recognition and fingerprint identification method to determine the user’s identity and the consumption of payment services. It is understood that the company will take the lead in European countries began to provide the mobile payment service, the main purpose is to facilitate users in online shopping faster to verify the identity of the user. Mastercard, this service will be the first launch in Europe, the user can through fingerprint and face recognition and other biometric authentication way to simplify the online shopping process, determine the user’s identity. It …

Apple’s patent losing

Posted On Sep 23 2016 by

A lawsuit for six years, really very long, the United States patent company MobileMedia Ideas Sue apple patent infringement case finally have the results, ultimately apple claims to MobileMedia Ideas company patent infringement damages of $3 million. It is understood that MobileMedia Ideas company claims apple 16 patent infringement, claim compensation of $18 million, after years of litigation process, finally only a patent infringement on ringing. While it played a lawsuit for six years, the last to get the compensation of 3 million yuan, for apple, this is insignificant.

LG’s first release Win10 refrigerator

Posted On Sep 7 2016 by

After the mobile intelligent household appliances is also began to smart iot era, and Microsoft is the concept of persistent driving force. At the IFA conference, Microsoft Internet of things, one of the partners of LG launched the world’s first Windows 10 refrigerators. This a beautiful design of double door refrigerator, looks the most conspicuous place is positive, the domineering 21.5 -inch touch screen, run a standard Windows 10 style interface, all the more amazing is that when a user double-click on the screen, the screen will turn into a translucent, is able to see the refrigerator food is very …

The App Store next week will clear abandoned or software problem

Posted On Sep 2 2016 by

Apple announced that they will start from next Wednesday in the iOS App Store removed the platform has been abandoned or exists problems of software. Apple said in a question-and-answer session, all types of software on the App Store will be under scrutiny. Software developers if you want to and they will be cleared to remain in the platform you will need to provide updated within 30 days. Apple said they will set out to assess problematic legacy software. Before being removed, software developers will be notified from apple here.

Apple’s new patent – high-precision mapping

Posted On Aug 22 2016 by

Apple map since 2012 has experienced a long and hard the road of development, it is also from the beginning of disaster gradually evolved into a perfect map service. However, the service remains considerable room for improvement. The recent exposure of three apple patent has shows how the company intends to further improve their own map service. Apple’s first patent describes a set of in the area of low signal intensity on the 3D map rendering system. According to the patent description, the system is through the way of data was obtained from the area to create fine 3D map. …

Samsung releases Tizen Z2 mobile phone system

Posted On Aug 4 2016 by

Although samsung has just released a new flagship Galaxy Note 7, but the south Korean electronics giant goals seem to be not only the high-end market. In the Galaxy Note 7 is released soon, samsung and officially released in Kenya Africa carry the Tizen system of their own, new samsung Z2, which Z2 of process can be described with twists and turns. In more than a year later, samsung Z3 the Z2 didn’t officially debut, and samsung after Z1, Z3 Tizen system to the new members of the family, Z2 shoulder the task of explore the emerging market for samsung. …

Samsung’s annual high-end clamshell smartphones landing

Posted On Jul 7 2016 by

Samsung’s high-end clamshell smartphones seems to have become the focus of our discussion, and last year when the SM – W2016 published to now have a year’s time, now, then we discuss W2017, and now the flagship clamshell smartphones have popped up in India import and export test site. From the perspective of a Zauba customs listing, this W2017 besides processor upgrade, the biggest change is the screen size from 3.9 inches to 4.2 inches. Other configuration is still not be confirmed from import and export of website, but according to speculation, W2017 admiral in the configuration and the Galaxy …